AJ16 Implant Dental Chair Unit


Customized for VIP

 AJ16 Professional Implant Dental Unit is an equipment with luxury and beautiful appearance, high-grade configurations, and multiple functions, 

focusing on creating the first-class therapeutic enviornment for the doctor and the patient.

Ensures Operation Security and Sanitation

Dental implantation specialized
meets the professional requirements of dental implantation and doctor’s operation
allows doctor works proficiently

Patient Feeling Comfortable

American standards of configuration and appearance are applicated in the AJ16 Professional Implant Dental Unit,
to make patient feel more comfortable during the treatment.


Doctor Healthy Working 

Keeping the same posture for long time during a dental implantation poses a major burden to doctor’s muscles.
Our special design on this equipment aims to decrease doctor’s occupational diseases like cervical spondylosis and scapulohumeral periarthritis.

Reliable   Stable   Durable