AJ12 Dental Unit

-Voltage: 100/110/120/220/230V, 50/60Hz
-Air pressure: 550-800 Kpa
-Water pressure: 200-400 Kpa
-Net weight: 150 Kgs
-Gross weight: 200 Kgs
-Packing dimensions: 1434*1114*1157 mm


-Voltage: 100/110/120/220/230V, 50/60Hz
-Air pressure: 550-800 Kpa
-Water pressure: 200-400 Kpa
-Net weight: 150 Kgs
-Gross weight: 200 Kgs
-Packing dimensions: 1434*1114*1157 mm

Comfortable  Healthy
A12 is one of our high class dental chairs, with exquisite outlook, high quality materials. 
Our goal is to create healthy working conditions for dentist and comfortable environment for patients. 

Healthy working
Dentists are required to keep the same position for several hours, which will hurt their cervical vertebra
and lumbar vertebra. Our chairs and stools help dentist remain a comfortable position, 
wonderfully relieving muscle, e
xtending career of dentist.

Wide space for leg

Pear-shaped backrest not only enables dentists to closely approach oral cavity
but also makes large comfort for patients.

Close to patient freely

The curve design on the backrest enables the assistant
 closely approach to the treatment area.

D2 Doctor’s Stool with 4 fuctions

D2 dental stool has 4 functions,
which is ergonomically designed to reduce stress and fatigue.
Backrest and stool height are both adjustable.

Sensor dental light 
Deluxe dental light with larger light area and sensor control.

Patient feeling comfortable

AJ12 dental chair can give a very comfortable feeling to the patient
which helps them reduce fear and 
release during treatment.

Comfortable headrest

Articulating dual axis headrest with adjustable height.

Aluminum casting backrest.

Special design for the backrest, perfectly fit bodies.

Ergonomics Chair

Bio-fit design makes chair and body match well,
and avoids the feeling of beeing pushed.

Chair lowest position 350mm

Makes it easy to climb up and down.

Reliable  Stable  Durable

High quality metal backrest
2.5mm stainless steel, strong support.

Stable water unit

New water unit frame made by aluminum alloy casting,
improve the chair's stability. 

Rotatable water unit
design for four handed dentistry and convenient maintenance.

Aluminum cast water unit frame
Aluminum casting materials, stabilize the instrument and light.

Rotatable Spittoon
Convenient for patient to spit, easy to clean.

New design filter
Better filtration performance sealing against leaking,
stronger suction power, easy to disassemble and clean, more durable.

American made tubing
All internal air and water pipelines are sourced from Amerca.

Water bottle one switch control
One switch instead of two switch, simple and easy to operate.

Enclosed electric safety box
Designed with European standard,
against moist and electromagnetic interference.

Individual air water valve
Each tube with individual valve make the valve durable.

Silicon pad for tray
Silicon pad for doctor and assistant tray are provided,
which can be autoclaved.

Removable backrest
Easy installation and take off for maintenance or replacement.

 Assistant control panel with 10 fuctions
Convenient for assistant to control the function of dental chair.

Standard configurations

Dental light

Deluxe dental light with sensor

Patient chair

Ergomotion chair

Seamless upholstery

Articulated headrest

Rotatable armrest

Chair-instrument safety

lock system

3 programmable work positions

Round foot control

Delivery system

Hanging hose system

Silicon pad for instrument


Air turbine hose x 3

Three way syringe

Built-in X-ray viewer

15function control panel


Three way syringe with

warm water

10 function control panel

With instrument table

Water unit

Rotatble cuspidor

Rotatable Ceramic spittoon

Clean water bottle system

24V water heater

High quality air and

water lines

Junction box

Integral junction box

Dental stool

D2 dental stool with

4 functions


-Faro LED light(made in ltaly)

-Built-in scaler

-Top mounted delivery table

-Fiber leather upholstery

-Built-in curing light

-Assistant stool

-Monitor with arm

-High speed handpiece

-Cart system

-Intraorl camera

-TKD micromotor

-Fiber optic system

OptionsColor sample
Ultra fiber leather

PU colors
Dimensions                                                      Units:mm